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ABOUT THE BRAND: Lissa Zwahlen Thoeny is a stylist and designer living and working in Los Angeles. After earning a fashion degree at FIT in New York, she moved to LA where she found a creative community that felt like a new home and she began to flourish.

Lissa was drawn to the beachside culture. Her perspective on this easygoing lifestyle was informed by a deep appreciation for design and clothing was the perfect outlet for her. Her work with companies like Gotcha and Quiksilver helped to define what we now know as surf style. But perhaps most profoundly, she created Roxy for Quiksilver and established the first large scale female brand in surf culture. Lissa didn’t set out to change the world, but her work with Roxy is indeed the precursor to the movement for women’s empowerment that is gaining ground through lifestyle brands today. After Roxy she continued to work for labels such as Mossimo and Alternative Apparel, and once again quietly influenced the world’s concept of style through close attention to fashion basics.

GARMENT CARE: Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry 


Model is 5’8” and wearing a size 0

Chest 34”

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